Singer Melanie C no longer feels any pressure to prove herself as a solo artist.

In conversation with she says that in the past she sometimes found it difficult when her solo work received less attention than the Spice Girls, but that she is now grateful for this.

“When I was younger I sometimes found it frustrating that my solo work didn't get as much attention as a possible reunion with the Spice Girls.

"As I got older I started to accept that none of our solo could become as big a phenomenon as what we did together. I should be grateful for it. If I hadn't been part of the Spice Girls, people would be now. also less interested in me as a solo artist. "

'I relived a part of myself that I had long ignored'

Melanie Chisholm, as 'Sporty Spice' was born, will release her eighth album on Friday October 2.

The 46-year-old singer named the record after herself and she made this decision partly due to the influence of the reunion tour she did with the Spice Girls last year.

“The topics on the record show my journey of self-acceptance. I had been on that for some time, of course, but 2019 was an important year for me. I returned to the stage with the Spice Girls which made me reflect and helped accept all different aspects of myself, including Sporty Spice. ”

The Spice Girls at the announcement of their reunion at the end of 2018 (Picture: BrunoPress)

“I had the opportunity to relive a part of myself that I had long ignored.

“Then when I went into the studio to write solo material, I wanted to express these feelings. I want to bring a message of empowerment,” she says of disco and dance inspired pop songs like

Who I Am


Here I Am


Old woman face on the radio


Here I Am,

Chisholm also sings about how she is regularly told that she is too old in the music industry.

"With female pop stars it starts in your 30s. In the UK many radio stations stopped playing my music because I would be too old for the audience they want to address. It's ironic, because on television For example, I still get the same opportunities. My old woman's face can't even scare the radio listener, "she laughs.

"It is part of our culture where we are obsessed with youth. Of course it is good that younger people are given the opportunity, as they bring a new perspective on things that older people may not be able to have. But more seasoned artists have wisdom and life experience. There should be room for everyone. "

“I often feel very sorry for solo artists.

It can be a lonely existence.

No matter how close you are to friends and family who are your support and support, no one really knows what it feels like. ”

That she still has a career nearly 25 years after the Spice Girls breakthrough, Melanie C attributes to her persistence.

"I have certainly had hard times with depression and an eating disorder, too. I don't think anyone can get through that extreme celebrity experience without problems."

"I often feel very sorry for solo artists. It can be a lonely life. No matter how close you are to friends and family who are your support and support, nobody really knows what it feels like. We went through exactly the same as the Spice Girls. Of course everyone deals with it differently, but at least you understand what is going on so that you can support each other. "

She says that all five Spice Girls have found peace and happiness in their own way and are proud of each other for this.

When asked if she sometimes misses having the girls with her on solo tours, she answers resolutely: "No!"

After a fit of laughter, she added, "I love them dearly and love being on stage with them, but I want to be the boss. I like to do things my way. I'm lucky enough to be the best. of both worlds. "


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