60% of facilities where one childcare worker watches over a nap "Checking system is an issue" Takamatsu October 2, 17:05

In an interview survey conducted by NHK on facilities in Takamatsu City after a childcare worker in Takamatsu City was charged with obscenity for touching the body of a child, the childcare worker watches over the nap alone. The number of facilities that answered that there was a case reached 60%.

Experts point out that "the challenge is how to secure a system for multiple checks."

A 27-year-old childcare worker living in Takamatsu City was charged with indecent assault for touching a child's body while taking a nap at a childcare facility in the city where he was working at that time last December. He points out that he was obscene when he watched over the nap alone.

In a survey conducted by NHK at 108 facilities in Takamatsu City, 65 facilities, or 60%, answered that a childcare worker had time to watch over a nap alone.

At 30 of these facilities, naps are used for childcare workers' breaks and staff meetings, so they say that they tend to run out.

There have been a series of cases in which nursery teachers were arrested for indecent acts on children during the nap time, and Associate Professor Hiroyuki Aoyagi of Yamanashi Gakuin Junior College, which specializes in pedagogy, said, "A nursery teacher watches over the nap alone. Is not desirable, and as the shortage of childcare workers continues, the challenge is how to secure a system for multiple checks. "