Classic blue is the highlight of the new season

The Sweet Half - Tips for Perfect Fall Homes

  • This period is the perfect time to revamp your home decorations with the most striking designs and colors.

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Interiors design experts offer a range of tips for adding the perfect touch to homes during the fall season, with the approaching end of 2020, as this period is the perfect time to renew home décor with the most prominent designs and colors suitable for the new season.

Rich and warm gradients and bold prints stand out on the menu for Fall, catering to lovers of decor and elegance.

Classic blue is the highlight of the new season, as accessories can be used in shades of blue that were chosen as the official color of 2020 by Pantone, and bold cushions, gradient lamps and classic artwork stand out as ideal options for adding touches of this color to any space.

The living room can be decorated with a sofa in a wavy design to add a touch of luxury and sophistication.

This unique piece bears the signature of Jonathan Charles Furniture, and comes in a vibrant green color, which is a perfect choice that harmonizes with other patterns and colors, as well as being a strong and bold color to add a striking touch to any design.

Gray is the perfect choice for the fall and winter seasons, as it is a practical and suitable option to add a touch of warmth to any space. This bedroom set by Jonathan Charles shines with bold, beautiful designs and unique geometric touches complemented by distinctive shades of gray.

The sandy earth color is the ideal choice to add a character of simplicity to any design, as it can be coordinated with similar gradients to add a touch of warmth and sobriety to the room, or the use of rich gradients such as gold for more luxury and brilliance, which guarantees in both cases a touch of distinctive elegance on any space.

The vibrant yellow color reflects the atmosphere of autumn, as this color can be chosen and coordinated with neutral colors in gray or dark blue shades.

The Fama sofa is the perfect choice this season, thanks to its rich and dark shades that will suit any living room.

Rich, warm tones and bold patterns meet the tastes of lovers of decor and elegance.

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