Shen Junliang celebrated his first Mid-Autumn Festival reunion for 15 years from the age of 28 to 43

  "When you find your child, you must give him as much love as possible"

  Shen Junliang is the father of Shen Cong, the kidnapped child in the "Aunt Mei case".

From 28 to 43 years old, Shen Junliang spent the best 15 years of his life on the road to find a child.

  On March 7, 2020, under the arrangement of the Guangzhou police, Shen Junliang, who had been searching for his son for 15 years, met his son Shen Cong to confess.

  The current Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day are the first Mid-Autumn Festival for family reunion that Shen Junliang has in 15 years.

Since Shen Cong, the eldest son who had been abducted for many years, returned home, Shen Junliang's goal in life is no longer to find a son, but how to support this complete family.

  "Shen Cong is very good. He has grown a little bit taller, he has gained a little weight, his grades have improved, and his personality has become more cheerful." Shen Junliang told the Beijing Youth Daily reporter.

  It's just that the damage caused by Xunzi Road in 15 years to this family cannot be healed in half a year. This family is on the right track and Shen Junliang still needs to work hard.

  Life is getting on track and working hard to make money to support the family

  Shen Junliang currently supports his family by working as a driver at night. He earns 3,000 to 4,000 yuan a month. His wife does cleaning outside. The old father and mother plant the land when the farm is busy and do odd jobs during the slack. The whole family is working hard to support three children to school.

  As the male owner of this family, Shen Junliang is naturally the most stressed one.

In addition to the pressure of life, some people questioned that he was completely asking for trouble when he had three sons.

Shen Junliang said that when Shen Cong was abducted, his wife was already pregnant with a second child. At that time, he had a stable job and was able to raise two children.

After Shen Cong was abducted, her second child was born. His wife suffered from schizophrenia because of his son's affairs. In order to soothe his wife's emotions, give her more hope, and also to give her second child more company, out of various considerations. , I asked for the third child again.

  Although the three sons are under great pressure, Shen Junliang is confident to help the family on track. He knows that life will get better sooner or later, but he is worried.

Seeing that Shen Cong and her second child are about to enter the entrance examination, after the completion of the nine-year compulsory education, the pressure on tuition will be even greater. "No matter how hard you are, you can't suffer from a child, and no matter how poor you are, you can't have poor education." Shen Junliang understands this truth.

  Shen Junliang is anxious to make money, in addition to his children and family, it also includes repaying kindness.

After searching for his son for 15 years, he borrowed almost 500,000 foreign debts.

"I, Shen Junliang, are not an ungrateful person. If my relatives and friends don't care about what I want, it doesn't mean that I won't pay the money."

  The first meal made by my sons

  However, Shen Junliang can now realize that the family relationship between father and son can resolve all difficulties.

The three sons once saved their pocket money, bought a few dishes together for almost 40 yuan, and tried to cook a meal for Shen Junliang and his wife.

Wife Yu Xiaoli returned home and saw her three sons busy in the kitchen. She secretly took a video and sent it to Shen Junliang. After returning home, Shen Junliang pretended not to know that the dishes were fried by her sons. She ate with gusto and said something specifically. : Today this dish is different from usual, especially fragrant.

  During the six months since Shen Cong returned to his family, he has been getting better and better with his family.

When he first returned home, Shen Cong still had a strangeness to his family. Although Shen Junliang did a lot of ideological work for him on the road, telling him that the house at home is still a rough room and the furniture is very simple, but Shen Cong still has it after arriving home. Very surprised at the living environment.

Now, Shen Cong is used to family life, and he hums casually when he is free at home.

"Careless, very relaxed, it's the kind of casual look that boys should have."

  Shen Cong's grades are not good, and his younger brother who is one year younger will take the initiative to help his brother with tuition.

Once, Shen Cong and his younger brother had a little conflict during tuition. As the father, Shen Junliang taught Shen Cong that it is not right for the younger brother to help you with tuition, and you should cherish this intention of your younger brother.

Then he went to educate his second son not to play temper.

After the brothers said to go, they went back to the house and worked hard together.

  Maximum space for son to integrate into the family

  Now, Shen Cong is used to family life.

Shen Junliang’s family often took the opportunity of eating to chat. The three children would talk about funny things in school, interrupt and joke with each other, and the dinner table every day was lively.

  Shen Junliang also uses his free time to cook for his three sons. He took the cooking process into short videos and shared them on the Internet.

That video account was built by him in 2018. He originally wanted to record the experience of finding children. Now he has become a food blogger with hundreds of thousands of fans.

  Shen Junliang felt very pleased that Shen Cong was able to integrate into the family so quickly.

Some parents who had been looking for a child with him earlier called him and complained privately that the child he had retrieved ignored his biological parents, which broke the parents' hearts.

Shen Junliang imparted his own experience. He told the parents to compare their hearts with each other and communicate with their children sincerely. Don't always be suspicious of the children, and don't worry about the children thinking about the past life and adoptive parents.

"It is understandable for them to miss their adoptive parents. After all, growing up there, it is impossible to have no feelings." Shen Junliang said that he gave Shen Cong the greatest space and freedom, and he never forced Shen Cong to forget his adoptive parents in Guangdong. .

When he first came back, Shen Cong and the grandparents of his adoptive parents often talked on the phone. Shen Junliang always avoided them and did not ask what they said.

  "When children are raised, they will leave their parents sooner or later. They will eventually have a life of their own choice. When we find our children back, we must give him as much love as possible, and don't over-restrict them." Shen Junliang said.

  There are a lot of family members together

  During the National Day, Shen Junliang planned to go back to his hometown in Henan with his wife and three sons to spend with his grandparents.

After all, these years, in order to support him in finding a son, the two elders have been very hardworking by planting land during busy periods and working in slack periods.

Shen Junliang feels ashamed to not let the two elders spend their twilight years, he wants to spend more time with the elderly with the children.

  Unexpectedly, this year’s Golden Week tickets were particularly difficult to buy, and Shen Junliang did not buy a ticket to go home.

Now, I can only look forward to returning to my hometown during the Spring Festival.

  The three sons knew that the family was not rich, and did not think about long-distance travel.

He asked Shen Junliang to go to the suburbs around Jinan during the festive season. Shen Junliang felt that the child was very sensible and agreed.

  For them, it doesn’t matter where they go to play. What’s important is that there are not many of them in the family.

  Text / reporter Zhang Ziyuan