Mr. and Mrs. Akishino appreciate classical performing arts at the opening event of the Agency for Cultural Affairs Arts Festival October 1, 19:00

The Akishinomiya and his wife watched a performance of classical performing arts as the opening event of the Agency for Cultural Affairs Arts Festival on the 1st.

It's been about 7 months since the two of them went out together for public activities.

The Agency for Cultural Affairs Art Festival holds a number of events such as theater and music, mainly in Tokyo and Osaka, for about two months from October every year in order to familiarize many people with excellent art.

The opening event held at the National Theater in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo was thoroughly implemented to prevent infection by reducing the number of participants, and Mr. and Mrs. Akishino also wore masks and attended as they did last year.

At the venue, the koto song "Tokari no Matsu" was first performed by Yamada-style koto performer and living national treasure Yamase Matsurin.

The couple were applauded for the performance in which the tones such as the koto, shamisen, and flute were in harmony.

Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, Mr. and Mrs. Akishino are doing most of their public activities online at home, and the two of them go out together to engage in public activities. This is the first time in about seven months since the Emperor's Birthday event in February.