China News Service, Hong Kong, October 1. The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government announced on the 1st the list of awards for 2020. A total of 687 people have been awarded titles and awards by the Chief Executive of the Special Administrative Region.

  The list of honors awarded in 2020 was published in the SAR Government Gazette on the same day. This is the twenty-third honor list since Hong Kong returned to the motherland.

  A total of 4 people who have been awarded the Grand Bauhinia Medal, the highest honor in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Award and Recognition System this year, are the Chairman of the Legislative Council Liang Junyan who has made significant contributions to the effective governance of the government, and the non-official members of the Executive Council who have devoted themselves to public service. Chen Zhisi, a community leader Chen Dong who has long been enthusiastic about participating in public and social services, and Xu Rongmao, a social leader who has made great contributions to charitable work.

  Liang Junyan has served as a public office for a long time. He has served as the chairman and member of many statutory organizations and consulting agencies, and has extensive public service experience.

Since assuming office as the President of the Legislative Council, he has devoted himself to serving the community and made a significant contribution to the effective governance of the government.

  Chen Zhisi has devoted himself to public services and has successively held important positions in many important public institutions and government consulting organizations, especially in the fields of culture and art, social services, and higher education.

He put forward insights and innovative ideas in the process of government policy formulation, and contributed to the government's good governance in different policy areas.

  Chen Dong is a well-respected community leader and a well-known philanthropist. He pays particular attention to community members, especially disadvantaged groups. He is also committed to fighting crime, promoting civic responsibility, and promoting activities that care for young people.

He has been enthusiastic about participating in public and social services for a long time, and spared no effort to seek well-being for the community.

  Xu Rongmao enthusiastically participated in social services and founded the New Home Association to provide comprehensive services to new arrivals, people of different races and disadvantaged groups, helping them integrate into the community and build a diverse and inclusive society.

He has made a deep contribution to charity work, is an outstanding social leader, and strives to unite overseas Chinese to serve Hong Kong.

  In addition, the late senior customs officers Wu Yongmin and Li Zhiheng, the late customs officers Huang Zhuobang and Zheng Zeran, who had suffered multiple burns in his body, were awarded the Gold Medal of Valor.

Seven Customs Officer Zhu Qifeng and Senior Police Officer Ling Jiawei received the Silver Medal of Valor.

Eight people including Sheriff Wen Guanxin and Police Constable Hu Ruijie received bronze medals for bravery.

In addition, many police officers and medical personnel have won medals, medals and service certificates.

  The SAR government stated that this year’s awardees and awards come from different social strata. There are particularly many people who have won the Chief Executive’s Community Service Award and the Chief Executive’s Public Service Award to recognize the handling of social events and the response to the new crown in the past year. People with outstanding performance in the pneumonia epidemic.

  The award ceremony will be held in Hong Kong Government House within this year. The time will be decided according to the social distancing measures at that time. In order to focus on responding to the epidemic, the SAR government extended the list of honors originally scheduled to be announced on July 1 to October 1. Next year's list of honors will resume on July 1. (Finish)