Measures that enhance the comfort and safety of guests through many precautionary measures

Global Village in its Silver Jubilee: Visitors' safety priority

  • Global Village's 25th season will witness the application of several criteria that are compatible with the challenges of the current situation.

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  • Ali Al-Suwaidi: “We are keen to continuously develop health rules to ensure a safe environment that supports guests' experiences.”


Global Village, one of the largest cultural parks in the world, and the first family destination for culture, shopping and entertainment in the region, announced the development of a set of precautionary measures and measures that will be followed during Season 25, as part of its ongoing commitment to preserving the health and safety of guests, employees and partners during successive seasons.

The leading entertainment destination is preparing to organize its 25th season, in conjunction with the application of several standards that correspond to the challenges of the current situation, starting from the 25th of this month, and has been developed in cooperation with the competent official health authorities at the country and international levels, and these criteria primarily include strengthening preventive measures in terms of ensuring full compliance with the conditions Hygiene and sterilization specified by the competent authorities.

In the context of the measures that will be followed in the global village for this season, Ali Al Suwaidi, Chief Operating Officer of Global Village, said: “We are proud of our global leadership in the sector in the field of health and safety, and our commitment to providing a safe environment for guests, employees and partners, and this is evident in our acquisition, as the first amusement park. In the world, on the prestigious (Sword of Honor) classification from the British Safety Council, in recognition of the high safety standards that we follow, and we continue to continue our work and our activities, in line with the safety standards that have been set through close cooperation with local authorities and international organizations, such as the International Association of Cities Amusement Park and Attractions (IAAPA) », and Al Suwaidi added that“ Safety is a priority for the global village across all its operations, as we are keen to continuously develop health and safety rules to ensure a safe environment that supports exceptional guest experiences. Our new season is on the 25th of this month, as we look forward to welcoming our guests and celebrating our Silver Jubilee with them. ”

An exceptional opportunity

According to Global Village management, the new measures represent an exceptional opportunity to permanently enhance guest experiences, through all points of interaction with them, and this comes within the framework of the entertainment destination's interest in improving guest experiences at all levels and across all of its operations.

In the context, a new website, in addition to a dedicated application for smartphones, will be launched starting from the 25th of this month, to enable guests to easily buy tickets, pay parking fees, and recharge cards and entertainment destinations online. The Carnival Zone will provide smart vending machines. Guests can get touch-free shopping for destination cards purchased online.

On the other hand, Global Village will soon announce customized solutions to conduct smart digital payments across all retail outlets, restaurants, and food and beverage kiosks.

In the context of implementing social distancing policies on the largest scale throughout the park, seats have been added for guests in front of the main stage to ensure the optimal application of social distancing guidelines, with mandatory wearing of masks by all guests and employees.

Global Village designed masks decorated with bright colors and distributed free of charge to children to enhance their experience in a comfortable environment, in addition to installing thermometers at all entrances to the destination, and installing more than 600 hand sterilization devices throughout the global village. Rickshaw vehicles will be cleaned and sterilized, and all Entertainment tours in the "Carnival" area, after each tour, and cleaning and sterilization operations will be repeated during working hours, with large-scale cleaning and sterilization operations performed on all facilities daily after the doors of the Global Village are closed.

In line with preventive practices in the hospitality sector, valet parking will not be provided this season. Instead, a special paid parking area will be provided for guests who wish to park their cars near the World Gate, and VIP card holders will be able to automatically enter the parking areas designated for them. Through smart portals, after registering their car plates online.

Prime Hospital in Global Village is equipped with all the necessary health facilities, to provide the best medical services for emergency cases during the season, in addition to providing a service for conducting PCR examinations upon request for guests of the Global Village who wish to conduct them.

Global Village affirms that all necessary measures have been taken to ensure distinguished experiences, enhance peace of mind for all guests, and enable them to enjoy the wonderful winter atmosphere this season, in the most important and broadest family destinations open across the region.

Safe distances

In view of the breadth of its open spaces and its large capacity, the Global Village will be able to receive its guests, with the ease of providing safe distances between all, and the carrying capacity in the global destination will be closely monitored, and the levels recommended by the competent authorities in the Emirates shall be adhered to, and in the event that capacity is reached Allowed capacity Alerts and notifications will be sent instantly via the new mobile application, the destination’s official social media pages and its website to notify the guests, to ensure everyone’s convenience.

Ali Al-Suwaidi concluded, saying: “We are happy to enhance the experiences of our guests in Season 25, and we invite all guests to follow us on social media platforms, to find out about the latest news and updates before our visit. Since the beginning of our activities two decades ago, we have been committed to providing the best cultural experiences. And entertainment in the open air, in a safe and healthy environment, and we promise you that the silver jubilee season will be exceptional for everyone.

It is noteworthy that the destination is currently preparing for the launch of its 25 season activities on the 25th of this month, amid the application of best local and international practices, to maintain the greatest comfort and safety for its guests, which qualified it to receive the "Dubai Guarantee" seal, which is granted in cooperation between the Department of Tourism, Commerce Marketing and Dubai Economy. The Dubai Municipality is the culmination of the efforts made by the entertainment and retail sector to maintain the safety of its guests.

42 thousand visitors daily

Global Village is the first family destination for culture, entertainment and shopping in the region, and it is one of the most popular entertainment destinations for visitors around the world with about 42 thousand visitors daily, as it has been able since its inception to embody the various features of the world, and to draw a smile on the faces of millions of its guests every season The Global Village is a unique and integrated destination to enjoy the finest global shopping, dining and entertainment experiences, and every season offers its guests a wide range of events, shows and activities that are the most massive and diverse in the region, as well as presenting many fun surprises to millions of guests in the distinct outdoor atmosphere. It also brings out the best in the culture of the countries of the world.


A hand sanitizer device throughout the park.

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