Famke Louise and Diederik Gommers, chairman of the Dutch Association for Intensive Care (NVIC), are starting a campaign together in which influencers and young people are given the opportunity to ask critical questions to experts about the corona virus.

In addition, they will sell masks, the proceeds of which will go to people who are financially affected by the virus, the singer tells

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"We are going to record a really cool campaign on Monday in which influencers and young people will be present to ask critical questions of people who understand this. I am happy to offer a platform. It will probably be seen live on my YouTube channel. "said the singer.

The two will also go to primary and secondary schools to answer questions from students.

Famke Louise

talked to Gommers

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which resulted in a lot of criticism.

As a result, the two entered into another conversation to think together about how young people can be better reached with messages about the corona rules.

On Monday evening, Gommers and Famke Louise will once again take place at


's talk show table