A child commits suicide and leaves a strange message to his parents in Italy!

As Jonathan Galindo fictional character

The oldest child to commit suicide by jumping from the tenth floor of the building in which he lives with his parents in Naples, Italy, according to the British newspaper "Daily Mail".

The newspaper added that the 11-year-old boy left a message to his parents on his tablet, in which he said, "My mother and father love you ... but I must follow the black man with the cover."

What was shocking was that the child was loved, in good health and from a middle social class, meaning that he was not under the influence of any pressure or bullying.

The authorities in Italy have opened an investigation into the incident, and investigators have not ruled out speculation that the boy had committed suicide while playing a new online "suicide game" linked to an online fictional character named Jonathan Galindo.

Galindo, a mysterious character disguised as a dog wearing a hoodie, challenges children to perform increasingly extreme and dangerous acts, until the challenges reach the point of suicide.

Galindo’s challenges usually begin with fairly normal commands, such as “wake up in the middle of the night” or “watch a scary movie,” but the missions gradually escalate as Galindo urges players to harm themselves or expose themselves to mortal danger, such as “stand on the edge of a tower”, The final challenge is asking the user to commit suicide.