Stef Bos does not agree with critics who


Beste Zangers

as just a trough of tears on television.

The tears in the music program are sincere, the singer explains in

AD on



"They are not false tears, these are emotions that arise on top of a mountain because of the beauty of the view," said Bos.

"Only, in a country without mountains, it is sometimes difficult to imagine those kinds of emotions."

According to Bos, the emotions and tears come because musicians in

Beste Zangers are

confronted with their own music.





is incomparable to what happens when you get it served live right in front of you", the singer who takes part in the program gives an example on the basis of his own hit.

"Suddenly you are listening to your own song, you can easily grab it by the throat."

Best Singers

has been nominated for the Golden Televizier Ring 2020. The AVROTROS program also earned a nomination the previous year and in 2017, but has never won the audience award.