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But what is happening in Parisian museums?

At the beginning of September, a student explained that she had been refused access to the Musée d'Orsay because of her cleavage, considered too wide.

But she is not the only young woman to have dealt with this type of mishap.

This week, a stylist told, on social networks, that the same thing had happened for her outside the doors of the Louvre last July.

Wearing a tied shirt and a skirt, an employee of the most visited museum in the world refused entry to Océane Nelien.

She was then asked to put a shawl over her shoulders, which she eventually accepted.

Faced with this disappointment, the young woman decides to take her "revenge" several months later, as she wrote herself on Instagram.

And for that, she calls on an army of models, determined to invest the place.

A few months ago, I was refused entry to the Louvre due to my so-called inappropriate clothing.

This Friday, September 18, I took my revenge there 🙌🏽

Videastre: @leo_papin


@on_oceane_nelien #Louvre #fashion #Beyonce #defile pic.twitter.com/PS7sy6avYv

- oceane NL ✨ (@oceanenelien) September 28, 2020

400,000 views in two days

On September 18, around fifteen people wearing the clothes of the Océane Nelien brand took possession of the Louvre and paraded in front of the works.

In a video posted on its various social networks, we see the models arousing the curiosity of visitors and challenging museum employees asking them to stop.

In two days, the images of this clandestine parade have accumulated nearly 400,000 views.


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