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He stopped drawing


when blood began to flow in Argentina.

It was 1973 and the country was torn between the death throes of the dictatorship, the terror of the Triple A and the third (and short-lived) victory of Perón.

In 76, coup d'état and another dictatorship, that of the Military Junta.

That year,


found the door of his house kicked open, with all his documents and drawings registered.

The moment of

this "symbolic death" of Mafalda is not accidental.

He stopped talking.

Like a good part of Argentine society.

Quino, who died this Wednesday in Mendoza (Argentina) at the age of 88, portrayed the violence of the 70s of the last century in

comic strips?

particularly harsh.

Example: a Catholic kneeling in front of the confessional, with the revolver sticking out of his pocket and carrying the dead man he had just shot in the back.

This was Quino's 'other humor': black and raw, critical.

The pencil was for him a forceful voice of social denunciation.

"It has always been easier to draw than to speak, I am very withdrawn, shy", he confessed in one of the last interviews he gave, when he could barely open his eyes (he perceived lights, fleeting shadows) and which includes the short documentary '

Looking for Quino '

by actor and director

Boy Olmi.

He only drew Mafalda for nine years.

But that rebellious and rebellious girl, so universal, largely overshadowed the rest of her work.

Although he

and Copi inaugurated the tradition of graphic humor in Argentina

, Quino emerged as the great master of the pencil.

Quino cartoon 'Forbidden to smoke'.

Dictatorship and human barbarism

, the ghost of the Spanish Civil War, antiwarism above all else, the class struggle, the drama of immigration ... Universal themes treated through characters with simple lines.

Of rich and poor, of masters and slaves.

And of God, another of the usual characters in his drawings.

But also of the normal and ordinary common type, that of human miseries.

Another cartoon: a family gathers to celebrate the birthday of the grandmother, now old;

They give her gifts, blow out the candles and laugh, but when everyone leaves, it is Grandma, in a wheelchair, who clears the table and does the dishes.

Behind the naive caricature, the blow of reality.

Beyond Mafalda, it is convenient to recover the other Quino, the most important, the one who

made humor a philosophy

with fundamental titles such as the original

Mundo Quino


Well, thank you, and you?




Potentes, prepotentes e impotentes

(1989), the anthology

This is not all

(2002) or the last

Simply Quino


He never wanted to be a prisoner of Mafalda or any of its characters.

It was just Quino.

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