What is the experience of living environment surrounded by dense cockroaches?

  When eating, cockroaches crawled over the table; when sleeping, cockroaches stayed on the pillow; in the kitchen, the "xiaoqiang" were even kings.

  Miss Xu's family in Hangzhou is about to collapse.

  She moved to Binjiang Hetian Shangcheng for nearly a month to live with her 80-year-old parents-to be precise, it was because of the cockroaches that Miss Xu moved in to live with her parents. "What can be done? The house is full of Cockroaches, the old couple are so old and don't know what to do, I can only come here."

  Miss Xu said that all this has to do with the neighbors upstairs.

How did the river view room become a cockroach room

  The house of Miss Xu's house is about 100 square meters, with two bedrooms and one living room. It is well decorated and the Qiantang River can be seen.

The reporter saw a strange scene in Miss Xu's house-some dishes and kitchen items were placed on the shoe cabinet entering the door, but the kitchen cabinets and drawers were empty.

  "Where would you dare to put it in the kitchen?" The 81-year-old mother Xu told the Qianbao reporter that there were only necessary pots on the countertop, and the bowls were wrapped in plastic wrap.

  The discovery of cockroaches is not recent.

  Ms. Xu bought this house in 2017. In June 2018, her parents moved in and said, “I just moved in at that time, and they were all fine. Occasionally, I have crawled one or two cockroaches. After all, they are second-hand houses. . But when it gets hotter, there are more cockroaches." Mother Xu said that the kitchen was the hardest hit area. From 8:30 to 9:30 in the evening, "large swaths of water came out", "Sometimes, we eat at the table. Well done, a cockroach suddenly ran over and sprinted very quickly. Even on the bed, I have to put cotton in my ears at night."

  For this reason, the family bought a variety of cockroach medicines and cockroach boxes to fight against cockroaches and cleaned them several times a day.

That year, until September, the weather became cooler and there were fewer cockroaches.

  Unexpectedly, cockroaches are getting worse every year.

The neighbor's house upstairs is almost full of garbage

  It's not just Miss Xu's family who suffered, but several high-level families in this building also had cockroaches.

  Where do the cockroaches come from?

After reporting to the community and the property several times, everyone knew that the source might be the neighbors upstairs from Miss Xu's house.

  This neighbor, Miss Xu's family has never seen each other.

  "His house cannot be described as dirty and messy, it is absolutely beyond your imagination. We helped him clean up in May this year, and now the house is full of rubbish, and no one can find it." Puyan Street Liuhe Community Party Committee Deputy Secretary Wang Xiaoyan said.

  This family also had the surname Xu, the door was closed tightly, the seam of the door was sealed with transparent glue, and notices and reminders were pasted on the door.

Because it is the top floor, the owner’s house has no balcony. The reporter followed the community staff to climb to the top of the building.

From the top of the building, the reporter could see that on the balcony of this family’s house, cardboard scraps, plastic basins, tapes and other scraps were piled full of scraps, "It’s pretty good now, you haven’t entered the house. I don't know the situation." The staff who participated in the site cleanup described, "For several days, I didn't have the appetite to eat."

Who is the owner of this house?

  "I can often find no one. In May of this year, I finally knocked on the door and the community helped to clean up. Because it was a rough room, there was no decoration, and there was only a bed in the bedroom with a simple spittoon. The house It smells so bad, the ground is full of rubbish, and all kinds of bugs are crawling. The cardboard is already clean. There are two dogs in the house, and their stools are hard. When we clean up, we use a shovel on the ground. "At that time, several departments, such as the community and property, mobilized more than 50 people to clean up twice. Three trucks of garbage were taken out, and the cleaning fee was more than 3,000 yuan.

  But before long, there was a pile of garbage again.

  On September 25, the community and the property used water pipes to stretch out the balcony of this family and sprayed a potion to kill cockroaches. "It worked. Look at this dense cluster of cockroaches. A lot of cockroaches died."

  The community and the Patriotic Health Office opened a coordination meeting, and Mr. Xu expressed cooperation

  He Tian Shangcheng, can see the rolling river, a good house, how can I buy the garbage?

The reporter learned from the community that Mr. Xu, who is on the top floor, was in his 50s and bought the suite in 2010 with full money.

When the community inspected the community environment in 2016, it was found that some garbage was piled up in Mr. Xu's home, but it was not very serious, and cockroaches were not rampant.

  On September 27, Qianbao contacted Mr. Xu, “I don’t live there now, and I don’t have the mind to deal with these things. Do whatever you like.”

  Speaking of it, he was also a little angry: "How can we be sure that these cockroaches all ran out of our house? There were not so many cockroaches before, because the community and the property came to clean up and threw away a lot of my things. They ruined it, the seal was gone, and the cockroaches came out."

  He said that when the environment near the river is humid, it is easy to give birth to cockroaches. He also bought cockroach medicine. "In the past two years, all the cockroaches came out! They were all good before. How can I be sure that they came out from here?" Angrily said, "Now, I will take care of them!"

  Yesterday afternoon, the community united with the Patriotic Health Office and other relevant departments and Ms. Xu held a coordination meeting.

The community will continue the elimination work and contact Mr. Xu to urge him to speed up the process of cleaning up the indoor garbage.

Mr. Xu agreed on the phone.

  Reporter Yang Qian