A boy who went missing in the deadly tsunami in Sri Lanka in 2004 has been tracked down by his mother after years of search, the Sri Lankan police reported Tuesday.

The boy, Akram Rizkhan, was five years old when the tsunami devastated his village of Karativu, on the east side of the island, on December 26.

The child was initially admitted to a hospital in the area and then adopted by a family, the boy's mother said.

"I searched for my son for years but couldn't find him. I appealed to the president and sought help from the police," she told reporters after the reunification.

Eventually, the mother was informed that her son had been adopted and came into contact with the relevant family.

After a DNA test was performed, the mother was able to be reunited with her son.

The tsunami left more than 38,000 dead in Sri Lanka and caused massive damage to coastal villages in the eastern, southern and western provinces.

Across Southeast Asia, about 230,000 people were killed by the tidal waves.