Former CEO of Nissan Kelly Trial Former Secretary General's Witness Cross-examination Begins September 29, 18:43

Nissan's prosecution and judicial transaction in the trial of former CEO Greg Kelly, who was charged with understated the former chairman's compensation in the securities report as a companion to former chairman Carlos Ghosn of Nissan Motor Cross-examination of the former secretary general's witnesses began, and he testified for the first time in public about the case.

The former secretary-general testified that there was unpaid compensation for former chairman Ghosn.

Former Nissan CEO Greg Kelly, 64, has been accused of conspiring with former Chairman Carlos Ghosn, 66, to understate the former chairman's compensation in a securities report.

From the trial on the 29th, a witness questioning of the former secretary general of Nissan began in response to a judicial transaction with the prosecution, and the former secretary general said, "When the disclosure of compensation begins, former CEO Kelly said," Ghosn's compensation is Japan. I was asked, "How much is appropriate for a person's feeling?". Former COO Shiga and others said, "One digit is still appropriate," so less than one billion yen is appropriate for former CEO Kelly. "I answered," he said, revealing how former Chairman Ghosn's remuneration was decided within Nissan.

In addition, he explained that some of Ghosn's remuneration was paid and some was unpaid, which was not stated in the securities report. "In 2011, the total annual remuneration was more than 1.89 billion yen. , The remuneration disclosed by the instructions of former chairman Ghosn was 990 million yen, and the unpaid remuneration was more than 900 million yen. The former chairman was asked to manage it properly, and he started to make a remuneration statement. " I testified.

The prosecution has positioned the former secretary general who responded to the judicial transaction as the most important witness, and more than 20 witness cross-examinations are scheduled to take place through December.