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The French bullfighter, Sebastián Castella, is very close to being the new entrepreneur in Beziers, his hometown.

It would be hand in hand with Simón Casas, his current attorney


In the event of the change that is taking place, the Castella-Casas team would replace Robert Margé, who is currently in charge of managing the Beziers arenas.According to this newspaper from a well-informed source in the selection process, Castella and Simón Casas

they would be in charge of organizing the August fair

from 2021 from the French town

, or at least, by now, they would be very close to achieving it.

This year it has been suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic, despite Margé's efforts to celebrate a mixed bullfight. If his appointment as Beziers businessman finally occurs, the maximum French bullfighting figure would fulfill a goal that he set for himself for 2021.

"I have decided that my future passes through the direction of my plaza," he

said in 2019 to the bullfighting portal

Toros en el mundo


"I want to restore all its prestige to my fair."

"Quality and creativity"

Castella, he explained, would have a plan to "increase attendance" and develop

"the quality and creativity of the posters



And he saw no inconvenience in combining it with his career as a

"bullfighter at the highest level



"It is not a disadvantage," he explained.

"On the contrary

. This is a great asset to promote the fair and give free rein to my inspiration to compose attractive posters."

As this newspaper has learned, Simón Casas would be in charge of accompanying him in this "project" of which Castella will be "leader and boss.

Whoever decides on programming and strategies



21 years after becoming a bullfighter in Beziers, Castella could organize his fair.

"I want to take my alternative as an entrepreneur in 2021," he said in 2019.

The Beziers City Council does not confirm this information:

"Negotiations with the different candidates are still in progress

. So it cannot be said that there is a new company elected. That will be from here to the end of autumn", they have responded from the consistory via email.

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