Statement by a group that protects the rights of entertainers appealing for the need for mental care September 28, 18:33

In response to a series of suicides by celebrities, organizations working to protect the rights of celebrities are calling for the need for mental care for celebrities.

On the 27th, the Japan Entertainer Rights Association, which is working to protect the rights of entertainers, posted a statement entitled "Suicide of Entertainers" on its website.

The statement points out that there are various backgrounds and factors behind the succession of suicides by celebrities, and although it is not a general discussion, one of the factors is the business characteristics that make them susceptible to strong stress.

On top of that, the current law says, "The responsibility for mental health care and safety considerations remains ambiguous, and there is not enough discussion and protection for legalization." We should investigate and understand the need for institutional security for mental health care. "

In addition, since reports of celebrity suicide may have a strong impact on children and young people, we are requesting the media to take care not to delve into the background unnecessarily.

A voice mourning Mr. Takeuchi from the co-star

The co-stars have commented in memory of Yuko Takeuchi's death.

Misako Konno, an actor who co-starred as a mother in NHK's serial TV novel "Asuka" in which Takeuchi played the heroine, said, "I can't help but believe in Yuko-chan's memorial comments. I can't believe it. I'm sad. I was relieved that I was in great happiness as an actress and as a woman, "and based on the fact that Mr. Takeuchi is a mother of two children," the best No matter where I look in the world, I can't find a substitute for Yuko's mother, who is cool and has a cute smile. I pray for her soul from the bottom of my heart. "

In addition to playing the role of father in "Asuka", Hiroshi Fujioka, who also co-starred in the taiga drama "Sanada Maru", said, "I heard this news and I was disappointed. I played the role of parent and child in" Asuka "for a year. I co-starred with him, but he was a nice girl with a really bright smile. I also advised and she always called me "Dad!" After that, when I met again at "Sanada Maru", "Really It seems that it was just yesterday that I grew up to be a good actress. ”Now, I can't accept her death because I feel like my daughter has left, but I can't accept her death. I just pray for souls. "

Guide to email consultation with search word

A series of celebrity suicides.

Efforts have also begun to connect search words on the Internet with people who are having trouble with clues.

Tokyo's NPO "OVA", which works on suicide countermeasures, has been working on the Internet for seven years to automatically display the consultation desk site when searching for words related to suicide such as "I want to die". I will.

When you connect to the consultation desk site, a message screen stating "To you who want to die" will appear, and you will be invited to consult with an NPO by email.

According to the NPO, there were 338 consultations during the five months until the end of August, and many consultations were received from women who were suffering from childcare or DV = domestic violence due to the effects of refraining from going out.

Jiro Ito, the representative of the OVA, said, "Some people who want to die cannot ask for help, so I think it is important to actively support people who are connected to the Internet. If you feel that the situation is "unusual," it is important to actively speak out and support it. "