• On Friday, the prefect took new restrictive measures, including closing bars at 10 p.m. and banning student parties in places open to the public.

  • These measures echo the incidence rates: if the metropolis has 218.8 positive cases per 100,000 inhabitants and the city of Toulouse 330.6 cases, it reaches 564.6 cases for the 20/30 age group in Haute-Garonne. .

  • For young people it is ten times more than the alert threshold.

XXL student evenings in rooms rented for this purpose, it's over.

As of Monday, the prefect of Haute-Garonne has decided to limit these festive gatherings throughout the department in order to avoid the spread of Covid-19.

If there is a fiesta, it cannot exceed 30 people in the department.

And no need to try to fall back on a bar, they now close at 10 p.m. starting this Monday.

For the fourth largest city in France and its more than 100,000 students, this is a radical decision.

These measures echo the increase in the circulation of the virus in the Toulouse conurbation, in particular since the start of the university year.

At the University of Toulouse 1-Capitole, with the discovery of many positive cases and while the lecture halls are full with the arrival of a large number of new baccalaureate graduates, the courses of certain training courses are now carried out separately.

Giant clusters have also emerged in certain schools, such as at Icam or even at Insa which has identified dozens of positive cases in its ranks, its director criticizing the irresponsible behavior of its students but also of the bosses. bar.

And the numbers speak for themselves.

It is indeed among those under 30 that the virus circulates the most.

Between September 16 and 22, indicators show an incidence rate for the metropolis of 218.8 positive cases per 100,000 inhabitants and 330.6 cases for the city of Toulouse.

It reached the figure of 564.6 cases for the 20-30 age group in Haute-Garonne, more than ten times the alert threshold and almost triple from the beginning of September which was 197 positive cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

“The 20-30 year olds still represented the highest proportion of positive cases tested by RT-PCR (30.0%), followed by 10-20 year olds (19.2%).

The highest increases in indicators were observed in people aged 10-20 years (incidence rate), 20-30 years old and 60-70 years old (incidence and positivity rate) ”, specifies Public Health France in its regional weekly bulletin.

39% of Occitanie clusters in Haute-Garonne

The authorities' fear of seeing an upsurge in cases with the start of the academic year, and the return of student parties, therefore seems to be confirmed.

And if for most of the young people affected, the Covid-19 goes unnoticed or with very few symptoms, the risk remains that of infecting the rest of their family, in particular by the elderly.

In fact, in Occitania, Haute-Garonne holds the sad record for the department most affected by clusters.

Among the 123 clusters identified outside nursing homes, each with an average of 20 positive cases detected, 39% were located on September 22 in Haute-Garonne.


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