China News Service, Altay, Xinjiang, September 27th (Zhu Jingchao, Jia Wenxuan) On September 26, the 6th Western Literary Award Presentation Ceremony titled "Habahe Cup" was held in Habahe County, Altay Region, and was published in "Western" magazine From 2018 to 2019, the 9 works of 9 writers won the Novel Award, Poetry Award, Prose Award, Critic Award, Translation Award and "Post-90s Emerging Award".

  Haba River is located at the southern foot of the Altai Mountains and on the banks of the Irtysh River. It is famous for its beautiful environment and rich products. It is known as the "Ehe Medicine Valley·Birch Forest Green City".

The award ceremony was hosted by the Xinjiang Federation of Literary and Art Circles and the Propaganda Department of the Altay Prefectural Committee, and undertaken by the Habahe County Party Committee, the County People's Government, and the "Western" magazine.

The royal family of Xinjiang writers accepted the award.

Photo by Jia Wenxuan

  The "Western Literature Award" was founded in 2009 and is held every two years. It is a periodical award established by "Western" magazine and the first national literary award established in Xinjiang. It aims to "prosper Chinese contemporary literature, especially western literature and Xinjiang literature affirms the value of texts and fine works, and promotes the creative work of contemporary writers.

  The award-winning writers and works of the 6th Western Literature Award include: Fujian writer Li Ximin’s "Walk Sun in the Coldest Winter", Xinjiang writer Wang Tianli’s "Vienna Forest Waltz" won the novel award; Shanxi writer Zhao Shuyi’s "Amnesia "Hunting Cheats" by Xinjiang writer royal family won the prose award; Shanxi poet Zhang Ergun's "A Night in My Life", Xinjiang poet Asu's "Border Album" won the poetry award; Beijing critic Zhang Guangxin's "The Muduan" Transformation-Reinterpretation of the Space Issues in Chang Yao’s Long Poems won the Critics Award; the Beijing poet's happy translation of Lucian Braga’s Selected Poems won the Translation Award, and the young writer Jia Ruoxuan’s “About to Go to Daotanghe” won the “90” "Post-New Talent Award".

Group photo of the award-winning writer and the audience.

Photo by Jia Wenxuan

  "The Haba River is a place of personal excellence. I especially like the Haba River, the humanities here, and the natural features here. Many of the prose novels I have created are inspired by the Haba River. Today I can get western literature here. Award is also a kind of commendation and affirmation for me." said the award-winning writer Royal Family.

  Young writer Jia Ruoxuan said: “For a medical student, literature and medicine seem to be separated by a wall, but out of his love for literature, he came into contact with "Western" magazine by chance and has been writing for four years. , I will take the'Post-90s New Talent Award' as an encouragement, and will continue my fate with Xinjiang forever."

Group photo of award-winning writers.

Photo by Jia Wenxuan

  "West China" is a literary periodical sponsored by the Xinjiang Federation of Literary and Art Circles. It has gone through a glorious history of more than 60 years and has made important contributions to the cultivation of Xinjiang native writers, the prosperity of Xinjiang multi-ethnic literature and contemporary Chinese literature. (Finish)