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In a recent interview with the

Daily Star

and relayed by the


, Noel Gallagher attacked the clip of

Midnight Sky

, one of the new titles of Miley Cyrus.

The video simply shows the performance of the American during the last MTV VMAs, and we can see the singer hanging from a huge mirror ball attached to a chain.

A nod to the legendary

Wrecking Ball


… and a real obscenity for the ex-Oasis.

“Even my nine year old son said to me 'Why is the cameraman only filming his legs?'

Women have been sexualized because of America.

British culture would never have sexualized a woman.

It all came from America - this stupid, juvenile and provocative bitch of culture, ”he blurted out, forgetting in passing that

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, reserved for photos of naked women in the tabloids until little, is a British creation and that the James Bond Girls were imagined by a subject of Her Majesty.

Diva and proud of it

Comments by Noel Gallagher which nevertheless echo the criticisms of Miley Cyrus herself.

Indeed, the star had a banter with one of the directors of the MTV VMAs before her performance, precisely because she wanted to be enlightened in the same way as male artists so as not to be put forward as an object sexual.

“I don't lose my kindness but I am firm with what I want,” she explained during a stint on the

Joe Rogan Experience



And Miley Cyrus doesn't care to be considered a "diva" for her demands, considering that if The Weeknd or Kanye West had done the same, they would have been called "creative gods".


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