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the blue Lake

Faisal Muhammad Al-Shamri

27th September 2020

I do not mean by the title of the article the famous film, which starred Brooke Shields, which later exploded the issue of child exploitation in cinema, and which censorship refrained from showing in part, but the truth is that the article is about a distinct and purposeful Gulf project, with a noble message that contributes to enhancing food security and awareness Environmental sustainability, teaching children correct farming methods, and enhancing their integration with nature. It deserves study, reflection and reproduction, for its dissemination of a distinguished agricultural model.

The "Blue Lake" project in the sisterly State of Kuwait is one of the first Gulf agricultural projects that achieve agricultural, educational and recreational goals, and even serve the purposes of meaningful family recreation. This is an experience that those in charge of which are entitled to be proud of what they have achieved, and many in the region have begun to reproduce and develop their experience as a distinct Arab model. They are among the pioneers of agricultural tourism in the Arab world, and those in charge implemented it to be one of the successful practices that turned into a family outlet, and a natural oasis that brings us back to yesterday's beautiful atmosphere with modern touches, away from concrete forests and barbaric contemporary life.

This new old sector added value that enhanced agricultural activity, increased opportunities to diversify sources of income, and allowed the direct sale of agricultural crops with activities ranging from recreational to educational, to direct marketing, and led to an increase in economic feasibility as a result of the development of complementary activities and complementary food products from cultivated crops, and recreation. Unconventional in the countryside and in the embrace of nature, especially with the frequent positive studies that show the importance of nature and agriculture in reducing stress and promoting mental health.

Innovation is the pillar of developing our economy and achieving government goals aimed at enhancing our competitiveness and achieving flexibility that His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, has directed to our government sectors, in a way that consolidates our national gains and addresses the food security challenges for the next stage "Covid-19", our societies deserve to support the establishment and licensing of "blue lakes" to promote domestic and agricultural tourism.

A non-resident internal administrative advisor at the Emirates Center for Government Knowledge at the Mohammed bin Rashid School of Government

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Innovation is the pillar of developing our economy and achieving government targets to enhance our competitiveness.