No more greens, oranges, blues and purples.

Make way for traditional reds and yellows.

After an individual comfort test, the adventurers abandoned their regional colors to form two teams.

At the end of this fifth episode, it was the reds, led by Bertrand-Kamal, who lost immunity and one of their members.

On the occasion of the fifth episode of Koh-Lanta broadcast Friday on TF1, the game resumed a more traditional configuration.

Alix and Bertrand-Kamal, first and second in the comfort test, were tasked with putting together two new teams: the yellow and the red.

No more "the island of exile" and regional colors.

Alix, thanks to her victory in the comfort test, won an immunity collar, enough to put the yellows on the right track who also have Dorian, Jody, Lola, Angélique, Loïc, Laurent, Alexandra and Aubin.

Alix wins individual comfort and immunity with the yolks

Bertrand-Kamal has chosen Brice, Marie-France, Fabrice, Hadja, Joaquina, Sébastien, Ava, Adrien to leave with him on the red island.

Without an immunity collar, but with a torch for fire, which two regional teams still had not managed to put in place. 

Adrien, assumed strategist from the Northern team, sought upon arrival at the camp, even before the immunity test, to draw alliances.

Opportunist, he makes promises to some ... before saying the opposite to others.

Immunity turned in favor of the yellows, although the reds made a strong comeback and were beaten to the edge, angering Brice. 

Adrien's strategy didn't pay off

This defeat strengthened the strategic will of Adrien, but the Northerner was taken at his own game. Annoyed, Marie-France warned Bertrand-Kamel of the actions of his former team-mate.

The leader of the reds organized the exit of the strategist.

"I would be freed from a weight, a big plus, 100 kg," he said in front of the cameras.

In the Council, Adrien is convinced that five of the nine ballots will come out against Joaquina.

"I vote against you. The domination of the green tribe is over, the wind of change is blowing and this wind comes from the north," he said in front of the cameras, justifying his vote.

Except that in the end, seven came out with the name of Adrien: the Parisian played and lost sharply.