Eighth bulletin - your publication (9/26/2020) The social media sites that were filled with hashtags followed the two parties, the opponents interacting with the hashtag "Sissy Leave." As for the regime's supporters, they interacted with several hashtags, including a tag attacking the Muslim Brotherhood as the advocates and organizers of these protests As the pro-Sisi media promotes.

Activists on the communication sites monitored what they said were signs of a change in the discourse of media professionals affiliated with the regime, after one of them described the ongoing demonstrations as the movement, and spoke about the need to listen to and solve people's problems, away from the accusations directed at the demonstrators.

Amr Adib's words sparked widespread interaction between Egyptians.

Issam Abdullah tweeted, "Your words are correct. As a citizen, I care about the issue, and the issue is resolved, not by your media statement."

Sameh Abdel Hamid wrote, "A wonderful acting performance, especially when (I care about, what people’s problems) I would have been affected by.”

Mahmoud Ismail said, "No, captain of the issue, a lost dignity from the inside and outside ... After the frenzy, your feathers will be blown out again."

Sayed Hassan tweeted, "Damn, turn around, and I am not satisfied with talking directly about the subject. I am afraid, why, Amorah ... I feel that your hereafter has come close?

On her part, Mervat Hasan said, "Why did Mahlich hope for our problem, when we sold you a thousand times?"