[Explanation] Recently, a bicycle "Made in Shanghai" that can be ridden on the back has been widely discussed on the Internet.

On September 25, a reporter from China News Agency came to this company located in Qifu Guangsi Science and Technology Park in Songjiang District, Shanghai.

  The person in charge Zhou Yanggang is taking the technicians to try this bike.

He told reporters that, unlike traditional bicycles, the bicycles they produce are used to lie down and ride. The biggest advantage is "comfort". Sitting on the backrest is like sitting on a sofa, allowing cyclists to travel long distances. There will be no feeling of backache during the trip, and other body parts can be completely relaxed as long as the legs are exerted.

  [Concurrent] Zhou Yanggang, head of the enterprise

  This reclining bike is equipped with a rear shock absorber system. It will be more comfortable to ride with the rear shock absorber. It will have a good cushioning effect when encountering bumpy roads. It will not feel very bumpy or fatigued.

In addition, its turning radius is very small. It can turn around at a radius of three meters and five meters, with a turning radius of three meters and five, which is the smallest (bicycle) turning radius in the world.

  [Explanation] Zhou Yanggang told reporters that at present this kind of reclining car is mainly sold in Europe, the United States, Australia and other countries, and plans to sell in the Chinese market this year. The price ranges from 3,000 yuan (RMB, the same below) to 28,000 yuan.

  [Concurrent] Zhou Yanggang, head of the enterprise

  Our main sales place for this recliner is in the United States, the United States is the largest market, we also have sales in Europe and Australia, the most important in Europe are the Netherlands and France.


  What is our current annual sales volume?

  Director Zhou Yanggang

  About 3000 units.

  [Explanation] Why did you produce this lying-and-riding bicycle?

Zhou Yanggang said that he and his partner You Jia are fellow villagers. Ten years ago, the two liked to study various bicycles in their hometown of Sichuan.

By chance, You Jia studied a lying bicycle and took a video and posted it on the Internet, which attracted considerable attention at home and abroad.

  [Concurrent] Partner You Jia

  A foreigner approached me to help him make it, and when I was in my hometown, he was actually not satisfied with the products I made.

Then I did a lot one after another, and went to Shanghai to do it. After he saw the prototype car was satisfied, he let us make a large number of cars.

  [Explanation] What they didn't expect was that it took ten years to do this. At present, many types of reclining bicycles have been designed and developed, and the functions are more complete and practical.

  [Concurrent] Partner You Jia

  (It) There are 6 gears to choose from, from very light to a state with a large boost. The fastest speed can reach more than 30 kilometers per hour, but the economic speed is about 25 (km/h) or less.

Equipped with an LCD instrument panel, which can then display mileage and speed.

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