It has been interested in the memory of the place since its inception

“Al Wusta from Dhaid” appears in a new look today

Al Wusta TV from Al Dhaid appears in a new look today, through its new programmatic cycle, which offers its viewers 12 new programs and renewed seasons for 22 programs of its most prominent productions, in addition to a bunch of the most important Gulf and Arab dramas.

The channel’s director, Saeed Rashid bin Fadhel Al Ketbi, said: “Through the new session, we were keen to take into account the diversity of programs in terms of content, ideas and topics on offer, in addition to selecting the finest dramas that are followed or widely popular, in order to ensure that the needs of different local audiences are met.”

He added, "Since its inception in 2016, the channel has sought to pay attention to and highlight the memory of the original Bedouin place and culture, along with programs that are concerned with people," noting that the channel's cadres worked during the last period to come up with programs that enrich viewers and represent an intellectual and cognitive addition to them.

Among the channel’s new programs are “The Renaissance of Watan”, in addition to “The Impact Remains” that accompanies viewers on a journey into the past.

The channel presents a group of programs on the heritage and identity of the people of the region, most notably: "Al-Rawi", "Lol Cars", "Falconry", and others.

The channel also continues to broadcast the program "Memory of the Badia", which brings viewers back to past memories with its senior citizens.

Diversify the content, ideas, and topics presented.

12 new programs, and different seasons for 22 programs.

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