[Explanation] On a weekend afternoon in mid-September, at the Folk Cultural Activity Center of Fuyun County, Altay, Xinjiang, a horse race is about to usher in a climax-young riders with an average age of only 13 or 4 are completing the race The last lap.

The horses galloping by on the track raised yellow sands, and the coach Zhuo Le Bolide was cheering for them outside the track.

  [Concurrent] Equestrian coach Zhuo Le Bolide

  Now (my student) controls the horse very well. It is he who controls the horse's pace and its kind of mood.

There are six games in total today, and four games have already been played.

(How many firsts did you take?) Two.

There are only two after this run, and the result is the final lap.

  [Explanation] As soon as the winning horse crossed the finish line, Zollipop dashed forward, and the teenager on horseback also proudly made the first sign to the audience.

  [Live Voice] (How's your performance?) Very good, very outstanding!

  [Explanation] The Kazakh guy, Zole Bolide, has just turned 19 this year, but he has been dealing with horses for more than ten years.

Because his grandfather and father are both proficient in horseback riding, he has been influenced by horse culture since he was a child and aspires to be a professional rider.

  [Concurrent] Equestrian coach Zhuo Le Bolide

  My grandfather used to (participate) in this kind of competition, and then it was passed down from generation to generation (customs).

I was influenced by my grandpa, and then I liked horses.

My grandfather is now in his seventies and has been in contact with horses for more than sixty years. Then I started contacting horses at the age of three. I learned skills from my grandfather, and then I chose to go to equestrian school.

  [Explanation] Although born in a herder family, there is still a big gap between becoming a professional rider.

In order to realize his dream, when he was thirteen years old, he entered the equestrian specialty class of the local middle school for systematic learning and training.

  [Concurrent] Equestrian coach Zhuo Le Bolide

  I participated in an equestrian training class when I was in school. I attended the equestrian training class for three years. I learned how to raise horses, how to invest in the modern horse industry, how to engage in speed horse racing, how to raise horses, and breed horses. I learned it when I was in school.

  [Explanation] In 2019, Zollipop obtained the national second-level athlete certificate, and then in 2020, he obtained the national second-level coach certificate and other qualification certificates.

Now, he has realized his childhood dream, but Zollipop has encountered new challenges.

  [Concurrent] Equestrian coach Zhuo Le Bolide

  In the 12,000-meter race in Inner Mongolia, the race was not so ideal. The reason was that neither horse nor we were familiar with the environment there. Our opponents were too strong and did not get good results.

This is also my first game outside the territory. We did not fully prepare, but we (accumulated) experience.

In the process of training horses, we set a time every day, such as training horses at six in the morning, and then how to feed the horses, and then how to fix our own weight and practice our balance.

Train horses every morning and train ourselves.

  [Explanation] From a herder's child to a professional equestrian instructor, Zhuo Le Boli laughed and felt that the most important thing was the changes brought about by the development of society.

Grandpa and father's generation relied on experience to raise and train horses, but more on science.

Now, he has a new dream, to work hard and get better results in future competitions.

  [Concurrent] Equestrian coach Zhuo Le Bolide

  Every time I get an award (back) home, I find that my family is very happy and tell my neighbors that my son has won the award. I am very proud.

My family wants me to be a (famous) coach in Xinjiang.

I also worked hard, taking my training horses, and participating in regional competitions with my riders, and all-Xinjiang competitions, hoping to get better results.

  Shan Lu, Li Qiang, Aidos, Xinjiang, Altay

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