Young people seeking measures against global warming Active all over the world at 4:05 on September 26

Young people's activities for global warming countermeasures are being carried out all over the world, and on the 25th, a demonstration march will be held in front of the Parliament Building in Tokyo to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection due to people gathering. Instead, I put shoes and placards on the street to appeal.

This activity was called by Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg and others, and was carried out all over the world.

According to the organization that called for activities in Japan, it was carried out at 75 locations in Japan.

Of these, about 120 people appeared on the street in front of the Parliament Building, and instead of gathering and marching to prevent the spread of infection, each one, along with their own shoes, "raised the greenhouse gas reduction target. I left a placard on the street that said, "I ask for."

After that, the members of the calling group held the microphone in turn and appealed for the need for measures against climate change.

A first-year university student who participated said, "From a global perspective, I feel that Japan has little interest in the issue of climate change. Due to the effects of the new coronavirus, it is difficult to carry out activities, but as many as one person I want to tell people the need for countermeasures. "