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HBO's cult series,

Game of Thrones

, has taken some liberties with the novels of George RR Martin.

Fans of the literary saga have wondered why the character of Lady Stoneheart has never appeared in the series.

The creators of the series DB Weiss and David Benioff finally explained their reasons in an interview with

Entertainment Weekly.

Remember, in the famous episode

The Purple Wedding

, Lady Catelyn Stark, played by Michelle Fairley, was killed.

End of story for the Starks matriarch in the HBO series.

In the novels, on the other hand, Catelyn Stark resurrects (thanks to Beric Dandarion) in the form of Lady Stoneheart and becomes a very revengeful sort of zombie.

Beric Dandarion, meanwhile, who gave his life to bring her back from the dead, disappears from the saga.

DB Weiss and David Benioff gave three reasons for the absence of this important character from the saga.

First, "it would have impacted what we were going to discover in Georges' books and that we did not want to spoil," explains David Benioff.

Lady Stoneheart will have an important role in the last volume of the saga.

A resurrection is enough

Secondly, they did not want to reveal the resurrection of Lady Stark in order to keep the effect of surprise and shock of that of Jon Snow.

“We knew that Jon Snow's resurrection was imminent,” explains David Benioff.

“Too many resurrections diminish the impact of the characters' deaths,” he continues.

Third, they didn't want to spoil the dramatic intensity of the scene.

“Catelyn Stark's final moments were fantastic, Michelle is a great actress, bringing her back as a silent zombie seemed to make her comeback bland.

»Explain the showrunners.


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