Because of an unusual illness ... a girl who lives 8 years on bread and potato chips

A British child lived on bread and potato chips until she was ten years old, due to an unusual illness. 

According to "Fox News", that the girl Marta Davis, until reaching the age of one and a half years of age, was eating the usual food for children of this age.

But then she developed a strange mental illness, linked to a fear of unusual food.

Her mother says, "She was screaming and pushing the food away. She tried to help her and fight this situation, but over time things got worse."

As a result of this condition, the diet of the girl Marta was limited to toast and potato chips.

And add her mother, I thought the problem would be solved when Marta went to school and watched what her peers were eating there, but he was in vain.

"She ate two toasted bread with butter for breakfast and three for dinner," she says, noting that she ate only one type of bread throughout this period.

The girl's parents eventually decided to see a hypnotherapist, to help her overcome her phobia.

Indeed, after the first session, Marta ate a piece of pizza, and then began to eat vegetables and fruits.

After a few weeks, I tasted about 50 dishes and other foods.