After the new, partly violent protests in Louisville, Kentuckyine, the police have taken 127 people into custody.

As a spokeswoman said, one of the arrested is accused of deliberately injuring two police officers with a fatal weapon and of having deliberately endangered 14 other police officers.

According to local media, there are also two journalists among those arrested.

The protests were triggered by the decision of a grand jury in the case of the black Breonna Taylor, who was killed in a police operation.

The jury decided not to charge any of the officers involved in the fatal police operation.

One of the officers was only charged because bullets from his gun went into a neighboring apartment.

He is therefore accused of negligent endangering the lives of others.

The other two police officers defended themselves.

According to police, Taylor's friend who was with her was the first to shoot and injure an officer.

This decision caused the new unrest - despite a curfew imposed for the evening and night hours.

Two police officers were shot injured.

Police chief Robert Schroeder announced that the two police officers who were shot will recover from their injuries.

One of them has already left the hospital.

His colleague had to undergo an operation because of abdominal injuries. 

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A protester holds up his hands.

Police and protesters face each other.

A police officer was charged, but not for shooting Breonna Taylor.

Police are blocking the street.

Despite the state of emergency, the people of Louisville protest.

Arrests during demonstrations in Louisville

Police officers push a protester to the ground.

Protesters embrace in Louisville immediately after it is announced that there will be no charges for the death of Breonna Taylor.

Departure in the streets after the judgment

Again and again arrests, again and again demonstrators on the ground

They demand: Justice for Breonna Taylor.

Policemen withdraw.

Protesters had previously thrown bottles of water at them.

The women wear pictures of Breonna Taylor.

Shadow of an arrest

Shock after the news: no charges against the policeman who shot Breonna Taylor.

The authorities had expected riots after the decision of the grand jury, ordered the National Guard into the city and set up barriers.

The curfew from 9:00 p.m. to 6:30 a.m. (local time) also applies this Thursday and Friday.

Breonna Taylor was shot dead in a nighttime drug raid in her Louisville home on March 13.

According to Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron, officers fired 32 bullets at Taylor and her boyfriend, who reportedly shot the police after they broke the door to the apartment.

Taylor was hit at least five times and one of the bullets was fatal.

Your friend was unharmed.

The police did not find any drugs in the apartment.

Protests for 119 days in a row

The grand jury's decision criticized the Taylor family attorney, Lonita Baker, as "insulting and egregious".

Police officers cannot defend themselves by endangering bystanders.

"Breonna Taylor was unarmed, an innocent person who shouldn't have been shot that night."

Last week, the city reached a settlement settlement of twelve million dollars with Taylor's family in a civil case - an unusually high sum.

At the same time, she promised reforms in the police.

There have been demonstrations in Louisville since the end of May over the death of Taylor.

According to local media reports, the demonstration has already taken place 119 days in a row.

Justice was also called for Breonna Taylor in the nationwide protests against racism and police violence sparked by the death of the black George Floyd in a brutal police operation in late May.