At the upcoming edition of the BAFTA Awards, the most important British film awards, ten instead of six titles will have a chance of winning the prize for best film.

The other five main categories will also get one more contender,




The number of nominees for best actor, actress, male and female supporting actor and director will be increased from five to six.

This decision was made after a lot of criticism of the most recent BAFTA edition, when only white actors were nominated for the main acting awards.

There were also no women who had a chance to win the prize for best director.

The criticism led to the organization of the BAFTAs reconsidering their working methods.

It has also been decided to add a thousand members to the group of people who are allowed to view the longlist of films and vote.

These people all come from under-represented groups.

These changes should, according to the BAFTA organization, produce "a more representative and inclusive" list of nominees, "reflecting British society today."

The British Academy Film Award has been presented annually by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) since 1948.

The ceremony usually takes place in February, just before the Oscars are awarded.

In 2021, the award ceremony will take place on April 11, to give filmmakers who have been affected by the corona measures longer the opportunity to register.

At the most recent edition,


was named best film.

Major acting awards went to Joaquin Phoenix, Renée Zellweger, Brad Pitt and Laura Dern.