China News Service, September 25. According to the official WeChat message of the Ganyu District Public Security Bureau, Lianyungang City, Jiangsu Province, the Ganyu District Public Security Bureau is serious about the video released by the media that "a family of four in Jiangsu died on the same day and the police were accused of refusing to issue a death certificate." Organize the investigation and report the relevant situation as follows:

  On July 24, a police suicide by taking pesticides occurred in Dunshang Town, Ganyu District.

After receiving the police, the Ganyu District Public Security Bureau quickly organized forces to rush to the scene to carry out work.

After on-site inspection, investigation and evidence collection, it was found that the couples of the deceased, Zhu Mouliang (male, 28 years old) and Li Mou (female, 26 years old), were both from Dunshang Town, Ganyu District, with low economic income and still borrowing from others , Bank loans to buy cars, large amounts of sports lottery, welfare lottery.

Zhu Mouliang has repeatedly checked the methods of suicide online, and wrote his suicide note; on July 24, he bought 3 bottles of the pesticide "dichlorvos". On that day, the couple locked the doors and windows of the room and died of pesticides. Two young children in the room died of suffocation. .

On July 26, it was informed through a conversation that the family of the deceased had no objection to the cause of death.

As Zhu and his wife were dead and did not meet the conditions for filing the case, the public security organs did not file the case.

  The father of the deceased Zhu Mouliang, Zhu Mouqiao, went to the public security agency to request a certificate of accidental death of his granddaughter, which was used to apply for compensation from the insurance company.

Because his granddaughter did not fall into the circumstances of accidental death, according to relevant regulations, the public security organs did not issue an issue.

  The Public Security Bureau of Ganyu District will earnestly find out the shortcomings in the rectification work, and further improve the ability and level of serving the people. Thanks to the media and the people for their supervision and support of public security work.

Image source: Official WeChat of the Public Security Bureau of Ganyu District, Lianyungang City, Jiangsu Province.