Typhoon is engaged to his girlfriend Marie Broeckman.

The rapper proposed to her on the Spanish island of Tenerife, he tells

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“Between the wine and the Pringles, Glenn got down on one knee. Of course I said 'yes',” says Broeckman in the double interview.

The 36-year-old Typhoon, whose real name is Glenn de Randamie, has now been two years with his 33-year-old girlfriend, who works as a photographer and coordinator in a psychiatric clinic.

They met at a dinner party with joint friend and singer Dotan.

"I wasn't looking that night, but when I saw Marie I was overwhelmed by such ... bright burning light," said the rapper.

"We clicked right away, and this was also evident from our conversations. We talked all evening, so concentrated that we forgot to eat. At one point I went back to my table because I had to do that of myself, to let her go for a while. to let. "

When his plate was empty, Broeckman brought the artist some leftovers.

"I don't remember what was on it, probably not much, but the fact that she was standing there with that sign ... That's when I fell in love."

After two weeks, De Randamie Broeckman sent a message with an invitation for a date, after which their relationship started.

“We are both intuitive, sensitive, and we live life in a bizarrely related way. To me, the word for our love makes sense,” says the

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