"I drank alcohol at noon. This was driven by my wife..." Recently, a man "driving under the influence" falsely claimed that his wife was driving a car at a gas station in Daan District, Zigong City, Sichuan Province. Investigate.

  In the afternoon of the same day, when Da'an traffic police patrolled near the Renhe Road gas station, they found a small car illegally parked at the gate of the gas station.

Just as the police stepped forward to collect evidence, a drunk man suddenly appeared and claimed that he was the owner of the car and that the car was driven by his wife. He immediately notified his wife to come back and move the car.

Subsequently, the man used the phone to get in touch with his wife, but during the call, the policeman on the side heard the man's wife asking about the location of the vehicle currently parked on the phone. This situation immediately aroused the police's alarm.

  Subsequently, the police notified the monitoring center to investigate.

After investigation, the man’s wife, Li, drove a vehicle from Tanmulin towards Renhe Road on the same day, and parked the vehicle on the back street of the Renhe Road gas station.

Not long after, the man Wenmou suddenly got off the car and moved the vehicle from Renhe Lubei Street to the entrance of the Renhe Road gas station. This process was recorded by the monitoring equipment.

  It is reported that the police conducted a breath alcohol test on the man Wen Mou at the scene, and the result was 79mg/100ml, which was an illegal act of driving a motor vehicle after drinking alcohol. The man eventually admitted his “drunk driving” behavior.

At present, the man Wen Mou has been fined 1,900 yuan and 12 points by the public security organs for "driving under the influence".

(Edited by Liu Gang, Gao Yuhui)

Editor in charge: [Liu Xian]