Stress accelerates women's hair loss and exposes them to premature aging

 WebMD has confirmed that the stress that a woman is subjected to is the most prominent reason behind the emergence of gray hair and its invasion of larger areas of her hair, and it also exposes women to losing a large amount of head hair at an insane speed up to three times the usual cases.

Among the reasons that cause graying and hair loss in women as well:


Hair follicles contain pigment cells that produce melanin, a chemical that gives hair its color.

With age, these cells begin to atrophy, so new hair strands grow lighter and eventually take on different shades of gray, silver and white.

Of course, genetics and race control how and how quickly these developments occur.

Health problems: Health

causes that lead to premature graying include:

- Vitamin B12 deficiency -

Certain rare and inherited

tumor cases - Thyroid disease


Vitiligo - Alopecia areata

Stress Stress

does not directly cause hair to turn gray but can cause a condition that causes hair to fall out about 3 times faster than normal.

It is possible that when the hair grows back, it is gray instead of its original color.

Smoking Smoking

affects the human body from head to toe, including hair.

One study showed that smokers are two and a half times more likely to have gray hair before age 30 compared to non-smokers.

It can also make silver gray appear yellow.