Census Net response was lower than last 5 years ago September 23, 18:18

The response rate of the census, which began responding via the Internet last week, was 16.6% as of 22nd, which is about 10 points lower than the same period of the previous survey five years ago. From the perspective, we continue to call for answers online.

The census, which is conducted once every five years for all people living in Japan, will begin to distribute survey documents to each household from the 14th of this month, and households that receive the documents will be able to respond online. I am.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, the number of responses as of 22nd, 9 days after the start of the survey, was about 8,898,000, and the response rate based on the number of households in the previous census five years ago was 16.6%. It is about 10 points lower than the 27.2% of the same period last time.

By prefecture, the highest response rate was in Toyama prefecture at 20.5%, and the lowest was in Okinawa prefecture at 8.4%.

Responses to the census will be accepted online, and will be accepted by mail from the 1st of next month, and the deadline is 7th next month for both online and mail.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications says, "We would like to continue to call for answers online to prevent infection with the new coronavirus."