On September 22, the home event of the 2020 Chinese Farmers Harvest Festival was held at the Yellow River Farming Civilization Expo Park, Wanrong County, Yuncheng, Shanxi.

The Yellow River Valley Farmers Couplet Invitational Tournament is one of the home events.

On the same day, Feng Gong, the promotion ambassador of the Chinese Farmers Harvest Festival, came to the invitational to interact with the farmers participating in the competition.

On the stage, farmers participated in the competition and paired each other with couplets. The atmosphere was lively. Feng Gong said: "I found that the Shanghai League was a good match today, and the second was a wonderful match. The male compatriots are all Li Taibai and the female compatriots are all Li Qingzhao." Laughter and applause continued.

(Qu Lixia)

Editor in charge: [Liu Xian]