Is science telling the "real thing"?

Audio 48:30

Cover "The taste of truth", by Etienne Klein.

Tracts / Gallimard editions

By: Caroline Lachowsky

50 min

How to navigate among all the true / false information?

How is a scientific truth constructed? 


How to disentangle the true from the false?

The news of the intoxicating, supposedly scientific and particularly plethoric in these times of pandemic and cacophony .. Faced with all these instantaneous, contradictory and always peremptory speeches of pseudo-experts who know everything about everything, while at the same time we are almost witnessing directly from the trial and error inherent in scientific research ..?

How to navigate?

How to regain confidence and a critical mind?

Why are not all opinions created equal?

Why is it always collectively and with controversy that real scientific knowledge is built?

How to find the taste of the real?

With the physicist and philosopher of science

Etienne Klein

for his book

Le Taste du True

published by Tracts / Gallimard


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