BJ Azitang directly revealed that it was not true one day after the death rumor spread.

In an e-mail sent to the press on the 22nd, BJ Azitang requested, "The damage is severe because misinformation is spreading. Please delete related articles."

Earlier on the 21st, on the BJ Aji-Tang's African TV channel bulletin board, a netizen said, "I'm an acquaintance who was always by my side." Rumors spread that he died after writing the contents.

However, after a day, BJ Aji-Tang personally wrote again and said, "It was good to have dinner right now." "I left the broadcasting side with a feeling of sorry for all the managers who avoided me by writing the wrong will for no reason." Thanks to everyone. This will never happen again.”

In the meantime, BJ Aji-Tang announced that it would stop broadcasting. He said, "Actually, there were more people who loved me than people who hated me. I am now going back to my family home." He said, "Thank you for making many memories in various ways. I will live without forgetting."

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Kyung-yoon)