Due to the bad news that usually dominates the front page of NU.nl, the good news sometimes disappears.

That is why we make an overview of the positive and cheerful news.

More manufacturers are coming up with electric trucks

More and more large car manufacturers are producing electric trucks.

Scania presented its all-electric truck last week.

DAF recently gave its electric truck a longer driving range, while Daimler recently lifted a glimpse of the veil of its upcoming hydrogen truck.

Electric trucks are becoming increasingly important for stocking shops in urban areas, as more and more (local) governments are banning diesel vehicles from city centers and other areas.

There are already 274 environmental zones in 11 different European countries

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Groningen gas tap will close even further earlier

The gas tap in Groningen will be closed further next year to a maximum of 8.1 billion cubic meters, Minister Eric Wiebes (Economic Affairs and Climate) reports Monday.

That is 1.2 billion cubic meters less than was reported in mid-June.

"It is the first time since the late 1960s that less than 10 billion cubic meters has been extracted in Groningen", Wiebes wrote in a letter to the Lower House.

The coalition agreement states that gas extraction in the coming years would be around 20 billion cubic meters.

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Teen finds smartphone after fall from the sky

Thirteen-year-old Elke Verhoeven from Aarle-Rixtel in Brabant couldn't be happier when she found her iPhone after she lost it during paragliding.

The person from Brabant made the trip in Austria and lost her precious smartphone at an altitude of 2.5 kilometers.

After the trip, she tried to find out whether the device was still somewhere, the teenager told the


She sent an app message from another phone and saw that the message was arriving.

This meant not only that the phone was still working, but also that the device was nearby;

she had no 4G connection and her phone was connected to the campsite's wifi.

When she called her own phone, an Austrian cashier answered from a shop 50 meters from the campsite.

Beer brewer will warn more clearly about risks

Beer brewer AB InBev, known from Hertog Jan, Leffe and Corona, among others, wants to provide all its beer bottles that are sold in the Netherlands with warnings about drinking alcohol during pregnancy, for example.

The brewer announced this on Tuesday.

By the end of this year, 60 percent of labels will have to include warnings such as 'Don't drink while driving' and 'Don't drink while pregnant'.

The texts will vary, just like those on cigarette packs.

"So that the lyrics continue to stand out," said AB InBev.

The brewer says that with the introduction of the texts on the labels, he fulfills the objective of responsible drinking.

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