Currently, France has 330,000 nursing assistants.



  • The Pays-de-la-Loire region and the ARS are launching a communication campaign to enhance the profession of caregiver.

  • An approach which is accompanied by easier access to training.

While the caregivers were applauded every night during confinement, it is still the vocations crisis among caregivers in Pays-de-la-Loire.

To "alleviate a shortage of professionals", the region and the ARS have just launched a communication campaign and a dedicated website.

It must be said that the needs are strong in the territory, in view of the aging of the population and the many retirements expected among the 25,000 people currently in post.

This campaign, which targets young people, men and people in retraining in particular, aims to "show the beautiful facets of this profession".

"Being a caregiver is not only providing care, it is having empathy, being present in all the gestures of daily life, maintaining a human relationship", assures Jean-Jacques Coiplet, director of the ARS, who believes the situation has improved a bit compared to last year.

The Pays de la Loire region launches a campaign to recruit caregivers - Pays de la Loire regional council

Free training

While the number of applicants fell to less than 3,000 in 2019, it has risen to 4,000 this year.

A small revival which could be explained less by the highlighting of this profession during the health crisis than by easier access to training in the region: this year, 200 additional places were opened, training costs have become free, and the entrance exam has been replaced by an interview.

The salary increase planned following the Ségur de la Santé could also push more candidates to get started, even if the difficult working conditions remain a major black spot in the profession.


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