Joker since 2011, Julian Bugier, also presenter of Europe evening, will be the face of France 2's 1 p.m. newspaper from January 4.

A new episode in the media transfer window generated by the departure of Jean-Pierre Pernaut from TF1's 1pm newscast.

Continuation (and perhaps end) of the Jean-Pierre Pernaut soap opera.

The announcement of her departure from TF1's 1pm newscast next December was followed by her replacement by Marie-Sophie Lacarrau, until then the face of the mid-day newspaper of France 2. A transfer that left a seat empty on the second string.

To replace it, France Télévision opts for an internal recruitment strategy and an aggressive calendar.

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A joker who had been patient for 9 years

Julian Bugier will take the reins of the public channel's mid-day newspaper.

It had been 9 years that he was joker on France 2. A role of emergency presenter, during the holidays and in case of unavailability of the official face of the JT, whose practice is that he often becomes the successor of the presenter that he seconded.

This was not really the case for Julian Bugier who was successively between 2011 and 2020 the joker of David Pujadas, Laurent Delahousse, then Anne-Sophie Lapix.

To keep him patient, the public channel had also entrusted him with a weekly magazine,

Tout Compte fait

, and the hosting of talk shows during special evenings.

Julian Bugier has also been at the helm of Europe evening, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., on Europe 1 since his return to work.


 On Europe 1, Julian Bugier wants to "put nuance and long time" in the news

An arrival in January to slow down TF1

Julian Bugier arrives at the head of the 13h of France 2 on January 4 ... on the date when Marie-Sophie Lacarrau will host her first newscast on TF1.

One way to counter the event of the first news item of the "post-Pernaut" era.

The hearings of this face to face should be scrutinized.

Until January 2021, it will be Nathanaël de Rincquesen who should host the 13h of France 2. The channel has not yet communicated on this, but France 2 called on him to take over at short notice from Marie-Sophie Lacarrau.

It should therefore logically remain in control from 1 p.m. until the end of the year celebrations.

The joker place of France 2 left free by Julian Bugier will be occupied by Karine Baste-Régis.

France Télévisions has indeed already announced its choice, which turned to this journalist, who was one of the faces of the franceinfo channel when it was launched in 2016, before joining the



 in 2019, where she still provides the newspapers.