Cho Hyun-young, from the group Rainbow, revealed the story of her childhood friend, rapper Dindin, who had no choice but to beat her.

On the 18th, Cho Hyun-young uploaded a video titled'Din Dean, this lovely friend, we've dated' on his YouTube channel.

Cho Hyun-young introduced Dindin as "a childhood friend who grew up in the same town since elementary school," and Dindin exposed "I had a relationship with Cho Hyun-young for about 2 weeks in middle school," and it attracted attention.

Then, when asked, "Do you have a friend between a man and a woman," Cho Hyun-young and Din Dean's opinions were divided. When Jo Hyun-young said, "I think a friend between a man and a woman is possible," Din Dean said, "What if a man is drunk, "Is it the same?"

Then Jo Hyun-young said, "You did that to me. Didn't you do that in a taxi after drinking?" and embarrassed Dindin.

Cho Hyun-young explained the situation at the time, "Dindean, who was drunk, stares profoundly and said,'It looks a little different today. It's pretty,' and I got goosebumps and I had to hit the shit." I was regretted. He added, "I was hit by battered blows in a running taxi. I screamed because it was so painful, and the taxi driver stopped the car."

After seeing this, netizens showed a pleasant reaction to the real friendship of the two, such as, "Because they say that they have a strange personality, they are real friends" and "If you get goosebumps, you'll get sick."

(Photo ='Cho Hyun-young TV' YouTube)

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