China News Service, September 21. Xi’an International Studies University issued a statement on its official Weibo on the 21st, stating that recently, information concerning campus management services during the school’s epidemic has appeared on the Internet. The school attaches great importance to it and promptly adjusts and improves relevant measures in response to the issues raised. .

details as follows:

  First, the school simplified the procedures for students to go out to report and strictly implement the non-essential requirements of not going out of the market;

  The second is to improve on-campus shopping conditions as soon as possible, add temporary shopping supermarkets within 24 hours, and speed up the expansion and transformation of college students’ supermarkets to meet student needs as much as possible;

  The third is to further improve the logistical support capabilities of students' meals, baths, and express delivery, extend the service hours of meals, baths, etc., regulate delivery and delivery of express delivery, seriously deal with arbitrary price increases, and further strengthen the supervision of food safety and price stability in cafeterias;

  The fourth is to severely deal with the rough words and deeds of individual staff in the access control management;

  The fifth is to respond to students’ concerns in a timely manner through official channels, strengthen information communication, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of students.

Screenshot of Xi'an International Studies University official Weibo