One category is drama written for the theater scene.

There, Loran Batti, 25, from the Uppsala suburb of Gottsunda, is awarded the first prize for her play "The Last Joint".

The jury's motivation states, among other things: “It is with genuine emotion, close dialogues and complex characters that the screenwriter draws us into the story.

We see that the text with simple means can be developed into a performance that will shine on stage. ”

Novel about growing up

19-year-old Falaz Dowlatzal from Hässelby in western Stockholm is praised in the book category for his text "The Psychologist".

The jury believes that "the text has the potential to develop into an interesting and distinctive novel about an unaccompanied boy's journey to adulthood, while at the same time giving voice to many children in the same situation around the world."

Replaced Orten's best poet

The competition was started by the organization United Suburbs as a replacement for the City's best poet, which was closed down last year.

The entries submitted by writers between the ages of 16 and 28 living in the suburbs are a priority, and the jury includes Johannes Anyuru, Susanna Alakoski and Melody Farshin, among others.

The competition has been conducted digitally.