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More than 75% abstention in the first round of partial legislative elections

Consequences of municipal elections and the appointment of the government in July, we voted this Sunday in France but in only six constituencies.

In view of the very strong abstention during these partial legislative elections, one can wonder if the voters concerned knew about it.

It must be said that the resurgence of the Covid-19 epidemic did not encourage people to go to the polls.

20 Minutes

returns for you on this first round marked by a participation of less than 25% and a rout for LREM.

Industry and Labor ministers at the bedside this Monday at the Bridgestone factory

Is hope being reborn at Bridgestone?

After the announcement on Wednesday of the closure of the Béthune site which puts 863 employees at risk, management and staff representatives "signed a method agreement on Friday which gives five months to the discussion and which reopens alternative scenarios for closure of the factory, ”assured Agnès Pannier-Runacher, Minister Delegate for Industry, to the RTL-

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Grand Jury


To have every chance of obtaining a plan B, Agnès Pannier-Runacher and the Minister of Labor Elisabeth Borne will even go there this Monday.

They are expected from 2 p.m. in Béthune.

They will first meet with elected officials in the area, including Hauts-de-France President Xavier Bertrand, and Bridgestone's European department, by videoconference, before a second meeting with staff and elected representatives.

"Schitt's Creek", "Watchmen" and "Estate" sacred to Emmys

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, it is a rather special 72nd Emmy Awards ceremony which was held on Sunday evening.

Comedian Jimmy Kimmel presented her almost alone in front of a deserted Los Angeles room and in front of a screen where a hundred guests were filmed from their homes.

In order to avoid any technical problems, the Academy had dispatched to the some 130 talents in the running, a kit containing instructions for transmitting live images, a microphone, a laptop and a camera.

In addition to the prize list,

20 Minutes

gives you the five things to remember from this very special edition.


At the 2020 senatorial elections, will the green wave break on the upper chamber?


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