Michael Lonsdale in 2014 -


He was 89 years old.

Michael Lonsdale died on Monday in Paris, reveal our colleagues from


, informed by his companion.

AFP subsequently obtained confirmation from its agent.

The actor, born in Paris in 1931, leaves behind a vast filmography, spanning more than sixty years of career.

He notably toured under the direction of François Truffaut (

The bride was in black


Stolen kisses

…), Joseph Losey

(Monsieur Klein

), Jean-Jacques Annaud (

The name of the rose

), and Steven Spielberg (



The villain of "Moonraker"

Among his most famous roles internationally are his incarnation of Hugo Drax, antagonist of James Bond in


, or his character of monk in

Men and Gods

by Xavier Beauvois, which earned him the César for best actor in a supporting role in 2011.

In the past, Michael Lonsdale had been nominated twice for the Caesar.

In 1996, for

Nelly and Monsieur Arnaud

, and in 2008 for

La Question humaine


Each time for the trophy of the supporting male role.

Michael Lonsdale has also spent a large part of his career in the theater, as an actor but also as a director.

He gave his voice to dub characters from animated films, but also for audio books… as well as for the tramway announcements in Besançon.

He has also signed several books, including

Love will save the world

in 2014, in which this fervent believer shared his "most beautiful Christian pages".

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