On September 20th, in Shahe City, Hebei Province, 2020 local Sun Tai Chi enthusiasts formed a performance team for a collective exercise.

The scene is grand and uniform, giving the audience a strong visual experience.

It is understood that this event is one of the series of activities of the Fourth Tourism Industry Development Conference in Xingtai City.

Sun-style Taijiquan was founded by Mr. Sun Lutang, a famous martial artist in modern China and a great master.

In January 2012, Shahe Sun Tai Chi was included in the fourth batch of provincial intangible cultural heritage list by the Hebei Provincial Government.

With its rigorous, compact, compact and flexible style, Sun Tai Chi is unique in the martial arts world.

He has many titles such as "Tiger's head less protection, first hand in the world" and "Living Monkey Tai Chi Sun".

  (Huang Xinyao and Zhang Pengxiang)

Editor in charge: [Liu Xian]