In Rennes, since last week, bars have to close their doors at 11 p.m.

Brigades have been set up to limit gatherings, but it is difficult to enforce instructions in this city which welcomes tens of thousands of students ... Report.


"Good evening, we are Noz'ambule".

They have been part of the Rennes night landscape for a dozen years.

The mediators of Noz'ambule like Hugo and St├ęphane lead prevention actions around alcohol or insecurity.

But since Wednesday, as the bars of the city must lower the curtain at 11 p.m., another mission has been added.

Objective: limit groupings to stop the spread of covid-19.

These teams of mediators are responsible for making this understood, a mission to say the least delicate in this city which welcomes tens of thousands of students.

Europe 1 followed one of these brigades.


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"Are you coming out of the bar there?"

It is a question of going towards the customers of the bars who find themselves in the street at 11 pm and, why not, to try to convince them to go home without regrouping, since that is the desired goal.

Not easy in this very student city since this schedule rather marks the beginning of the evening.

"23 hours, it's a bit special. I find it a bit abused", estimates one young person, while another intends with his friends to "go and sit in a small quiet park, have a drink. little shot".

"Not consistent"

"I think that the proximity that we have at 11 pm is the same as that we would have at one in the morning", analyzes for its part a resident.

In fact, if the bars are well emptied at 11 pm, the streets, the parks, but especially the apartments, are filling up.

Places where "they will not necessarily think of putting on their masks or washing their hands well. For them, it is not coherent. It can even be worse", observes Alice, another mediator, in her exchanges with the revelers .


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Once back, the Noz'ambule teams will write a summary of their discussions, which the town hall could use to adjust its policy, particularly health.