Overseas Network, September 21. According to Hong Kong’s “Wen Wei Po” on the 20th, the Sai Kung District Council of Hong Kong was accused of a mask theft incident earlier. Opposition MP Ko Yaolin Assistant Chen Chin-jun was suspected of stealing masks from the Sai Kung District Council. For village distribution.

After the incident was exposed, no congressman admitted to being responsible for the incident. The theft was not only accused of paving the way for the election project, but also attracted the attention of all parties, and even caused mutual criticism within the opposition.

  Sai Kung District Fight Crime Committee’s Anti-Crime Working Group Deputy Convenor Chuang Yuan Ting recently stated that the relevant materials were approved by the Sai Kung District Council and paid with public funds. The District Council also stipulated that the relevant materials cannot be distributed across districts. Members of the council really should not distribute masks. The district council secretariat has the responsibility to follow up on the incident, including how Chen Zhanjun obtained the masks and why they were distributed to other regions after obtaining the relevant materials.

  Zhuang Yuantong pointed out that if someone did transfer the donation, the transferor may violate the district council regulations and be held responsible. However, none of the councillors has admitted that Lenovo Chen Zhanjun may be suspected of stealing the district council materials. The relevant departments should Investigate the incident seriously.

  Opposition member Yip Zuo stated on social platforms that the materials purchased by the Sai Kung District Council were distributed outside Sai Kung District. According to the funding guidelines, the materials can only be distributed to the residents of Sai Kung District by institutions and district councilors. Mr. Ko Yaolin has also admitted that the person in the picture is his assistant Chen Zhanjun, so the incident must be investigated clearly.

(Overseas Net Zhang Qi)